AdvancED Athletic Academies

Empowering youth through sports, using encouragement, enthusiasm and energetic instruction

Who Knew The Learning Process Could Be So Fun?

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At AdvancED Athletic Academies or A3 Sports, for short, we are committed to sharing our passion for sports, their benefits and some of life’s lessons we have learned. We focus on teaching the fundamental skills of each sport in a fun and engaging manner. Just as important though, we also incorporate age appropriate social and leadership skills such as: effective communication, goal setting, mental approach, and precision.

Academies & Activities

Grappling Academy

The popular Grappling Academy focuses on youth self-defense. Athletes learn to recognize bullying behavior, strategies to deescalate the situation and finally, to defend themselves without throwing punches or kicks. It’s a win win situation.

Basketball Academy

The Basketball Academy is several weeks of basketball education, in which athletes learn how to rethink the game and improve their individual skill set.

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All-Sports Academy

This academy teaches youth the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and how to accept personal responsibility for their health. Kids will spend half the session learning about physical fitness through fun games and the other half learning about healthy eating habits. Students will demonstrate ways in which they can enhance and maintain their health and well-being.

League Play, Tournaments & Father Son Activities

Leagues and tournaments are fun ways to put skills into action and learn about oneself against competition. We are committed to creating an atmosphere that is competitive and very intense. Yet, at the same time there is a sense of encouragement and cooperation between all of the athletes.
Several times throughout the year we carefully select sporting events, activities and healthy outlets that fathers and sons of all ages can participate in. With concentration on cooperation, camaraderie and healthy competition, all the kids and adults that have taken part have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Activities have included: paintball, kickball, flag football and BJJ demonstrations. We always encourage the fathers to come out and participate in these activities.