The Grappling Academy

The popular Grappling Academy focuses on youth self-defense. Athletes learn to recognize bullying behavior and its various forms, strategies to deescalate the situation and finally, how to defend themselves as a very last resort,without throwing punches or kicks. It’s a win win situation.

This academy has successfully introduced dozens of children to one of the worlds fastest growing sports, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or BJJ. This extremely effective martial art known as the “Gentle Art” is used in a competitive sport setting and for general physical conditioning. However, it’s original purpose was and remains primarily self-defense. Therefore, we teach the kids to defend themselves without throwing punches or kicks.

We also play games and drills that promote:
– Listening skills
– Spacial awareness
– Self-awareness
– Teamwork building
– Leadership skills
– Conflict Resolution

The stated goal of this academy is to empower the participants and provide tools that translate into increased confidence, greater social competence and the ability to defend oneself in a very efficient manner.

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Grappling Academy How to Prepare
Grappling Academy How to Prepare