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My youngest son, Abdul-Aziz is shy and small in stature for his age. I was concerned about how these factors, coupled with his inability to communicate in Arabic, would affect him as he began school at Rowad Private School. Attending A3’s jiu jitsu classes didn’t make him bigger or stronger, but it did teach him the verbal and non-verbal techniques he needed to prevent himself from being bullied at school. The sense of empowerment that he gained from the lessons has allowed him to not only integrate himself

Ismail writes:

As Salaam wa alaikum, Just a few quick notes. For one thing, it’s hard to overstate the positive effect the Jujitsu class has had on my two boys with softening the blow of relocating. Apparently, the brotherhood between the boys is a strong one and my guys are glad to be there Alhamdullilah. May Allaah increase it. Also, the boys are developing a sense of importance in things to do with preparation, particularly associated with keeping the gis clean and making sure we fill out GameDay cards, etc

Mustapha states:

Dear Shaheed, just to echo some of the same sentiments expressed by some of the fathers, Mujaahid has benefited a lot. Even though I did not have Mujaahid enrolled in the BJJ class as long or consistently as many of the other fathers he has found value in the friendships he has developed, the structure was given and discipline he had to exercise both in and outside the classes, the self confidence to stand up for himself even if has been knocked down and the ability to teach

Abdullah states:

Asalamu alaykum. The BJJ class has helped my son to learn and implement self control, and to de-escalate intense situations. He has learned the value of keeping calm and not choosing violence as the ‘first response’. He has learned that the ‘5 Rules of Engagement’ have helped him to implement the advice of the Prophet Muhammad – SallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam – when a man requested his advice and he said: ‘DON’T BECOME ANGRY.’ [Narrated by Abu Hurayrah in Saheeh Al-Bukhaary #6116. It’s also the 16th hadeeth in

One Parent’s Wise Words:

A3 Sports has been an amazing opportunity for my son to build confidence and bond with other boys his age (he is an only son), he is learning the importance of team playing, discipline and commitment and above all the courage to keep trying! BarakAllah feeq.

Umm Yusuf Says:

Kids come to learn Jiu Jitsu, they have a lot of fun too. The coaches are kind, friends are mighty fine. Being precise, responsible and having the right attitude are all great ideas that are promoted, The youth in Riyadh should attend A3 Academy so that they can feel confident and invigorated!

A Parent’s A3 Grappling Academy Poem:

Thank you for your support and your understanding towards your student Karim specially he show great respect for you. I hope you will have a great summer vacation looking forward to see you next year. Kindest Regards Shahira Demachkie

Shahira Demachkie, Parent

This is one of the few, if not the only, serious training program for kids in the kingdom. My 12-year-old son learned practical BJJ grappling techniques, and actually tried some on me. Without hurting me in any way, he once stranded me on the floor and challenged me to get up…I literally couldn’t move. Additionally, he was excited to attend every practice session. My son put it in his own words when I asked him about how the practice went at some point; he said “It was amazing!”

Hala & Nabil Abouchaleh, Parents

Abdullah definitely enjoyed the class and learned a lot about self defense and discipline.

Our Brother Ali Clark (May Allah have mercy on him) wrote:

Thank you for helping my son. My son shows a great deal of respect towards you. He now learned how to defend himself in physical situations and has lost a lot of weight. He thanks you a lot for your help.

Mrs. Ragab, Parent

Salaams, Jazakallahu khair for providing these wonderful programs and activities. I’ve watched my three sons mature physically and emotionally. They have learned in terms of the sport and also how to be good sports. Their confidence has improved and they enjoy the interaction with the coaches and other children. They always look forward to classes and we are anxiously anticipating the upcoming sessions! Thank you again for your efforts. MM

MM, Parent

Wa alaikum as-salam wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu Eid Mubarak, taqabAllah minaa wa minkum. Our son had so much fun whenever he was able to attend jiu jitsu. He learned a lot about self-defense and how to handle bullies which he will be able to apply in the real world should he need to, Allah forbid. His confidence grew and he is stronger masha’Allah. He misses jiu jitsu, the coaches, students and is looking forward to the next session! Keep up the good work brothers. JazakumAllahu khair.

Abu Omar & Umm Omar, Parents

My son loves BJJ at A3 Sports. He loves the atmosphere, the company of all the other boys and the coaches. The boys benefit so much and have fun at the same time. I have always said I wish I had done something like this when I was a child. May Allah reward the brothers for setting this up and hope inshallah that it continues.

Majid says:

I loved having my boys in ju jitsu class! Ju jitsu has made my boys much more confident about facing conflicts. Not only did they learn how to defend themselves but they learned how to do so in a safe way. They also greatly enjoyed the bonds they formed with fellow ju jitsu class members during training. Keep up the good work!

Umm Abdulqaadir, Parent

My two sons had a great time with the activities and they really looked forward to it. I’m sure these types of activities will have a positive affect on their peer interactions.

Omar added:

Salaams, My 5-year old had a really great time during the spring. He was able to start something and accomplish it and particularly liked his new outfit- the karate top and bottom set. He set out from the beginning not knowing what to expect, and he grew into the aspects of competition and general sport. For that, we are thankful to have had the experience and he’s looking forward to bring on his 4-year old brother to not miss out on the action come next season.

Shaylin Holley, Parent

What can i say? It has been truly a life changing experience, I had an awesome time last year with all the activities. I enjoyed working with the kids and getting better at the same time. I saw a lot of these kids come in shy and not willing to express themselves, but by the time they left they were leading the other kids in the activities. I am truly grateful for this opportunity I have to work these young men. Mahmoud Henderson Junior Coach

MH, Jr Basketball & Grappling Academy Coach and Athlete

Khalid’s best athletic training in Riyadh was playing basketball with Coach Shaheed. He is looking forward for more training whenever possible. He learned the game of basketball and most importantly respecting the game and the players. Great thanks to the organizers and coaches.

Dr. Waleed Bajouda, Parent

As.salamu alaikum. My son Abdullah mentioned that attending the BJJ has given him a confidence boost. Prior to this year’s sessions, he was less confident in social situations. Now he feels more confident in both friendly and potentially confrontational settings. Another thing Abdullah has gained from attending the A3 Sports BJJ classes was the friendships he developed. He became good friends with students he only knew casually prior to the sessions. The last thing he mentioned was the fact that he liked the way that the methodology incorporated

Wali adds:

As far as the boys are concerned….pretty brief and simple. Since it’s inception the boys have loved the whole concept of BJJ. They joined the group, fell in love with it, got addicted and have been depending on it ever since. They look forward to it and miss it whenever there is a break. As far as how they’ve benefited….just to name a few that sticks out in my mind….discipline, confidence and humbleness. We ask Allaah to continue to bless this endeavor, allow it to grow so that

Shakir explains:

Bismillah Al-Rahman Al-Raheem I just want to say that my son really benefited from the mental and physical training, the comradeship and the discipline. The class sessions were very well organized, productive (skill based), and the kids had a great time. The professionalism and consistency has been very impressive. Excellent work guys!!! Jazaakallahu khairan!!!

Abdullah Barrone Conkrite, Parent


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  1. Umm Yusuf, July 17, 2016
    A3 Sports has been an amazing opportunity for my son to build confidence and bond with other boys his age (he is an only son), he is learning the importance of team playing, discipline and commitment and above all the courage to keep trying! BarakAllah feeq. Reply
    • A3 Sports, August 29, 2016
      A belated thank you! From the team @ A3 Sports Reply

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