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Who we are…

We are professional educators with several decades of experience dealing with youth as mentors, as teachers, as coaches, as administrators and counselors, striving to provide quality athletic training and character building experiences for our youth.


Our 3E method…

Our trademark 3E method ensures that each of our academies provide substantive experiences that promote social, psychological and physical growth.

  • Encouragement– We use positive reinforcement and non-critical  redirection to instill courage and confidence, because we understand that each child is different and brings varying levels of experiences and skill levels.
  • Enthusiasm– We know that if our coaches and mentors are genuinely passionate and show an intense joy and an authentic interest in the activity, this will rub off on the participants.
  • Energetic Enstruction– Using simple yet highly effective techniques we create, model and teach the participants to create an infectious buzz. This buzz, or high level of energy or spirit, allows the participants to maintain a high level of effort which over time translate into consistency.


Our inspiration…

We’re inspired to provide character building opportunities to our kids and like minded families. We are fathers and former athletes with upbringings that revolved around quality athletic experiences as learning tools. We infuse dynamic quality athletic training, life skills and academic experiences in a safe, warm and welcoming environment that nurtures high levels of competition and cooperation, while empowering and challenging our youth to grow beyond their comfort zones.


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